STOLL Implements.



The right implement.
Better with an original STOLL.

A real tough guy.
Load grain, transport bales, remove silage, stack pallets, move tree trunks – everything is easy with a STOLL front loader. It is best with the right implement: No matter the job, STOLL always has just the right solution for you.

The original STOLL implements stand up to all tests. They are versatile, robust and powerful. With them, you can benefit from the full power of your front loader.

Implements have to withstand the toughest loads. To achieve this, STOLL relies on best material quality and "German Engineering" in its product development. Extensive field tests guarantee the long life of the STOLL implements.

Always at the cutting edge: The engineers at STOLL are constantly developing new products that meets your needs exactly and make your life easier. Master your challenges.

Bucket range.

All buckets in full swing.
The right shovel for every situation - versatile and sturdy design:

> Range of buckets...

Gripping implements.

Get stuck in.
Whether it is on a livestock farm or a biogas plant - silage is everywhere:

> Range of gripping implements...

Bale implements.

Off to the bales, ready, set, go.
Every summer is high season for bales, so get ready in plenty of time with the bale implements from STOLL.

> Bale implement range...

Pallet forks.

On top of things.
Lifting, loading, stacking – you always work accurately with the pallet forks from STOLL.

> Range of pallet forks...

Forestry implements.

Ideal for woodlands and forestry.
Wood making – STOLL forestry implements ensure effective work.

> Range of forestry implements...

Bag-Lift implements.

A special caliber.
Making light of heavy loads.

> Range of bag-lift implements...

Other implements.

Anyone for more?

> Other implements...

CompactLine implements.

Compact loader, large selection – the comprehensive range of implements for the CompactLine.
Ideal for all jobs – the CompactLine is also a great choice when you’re in a tight spot.

> Range of CompactLine implements...

Solid implements.

The Solid range of implements.
The Solid is impressive with its flexible areas of use: Everything in the usual high STOLL quality at an outstanding price / performance ratio. The Solid range of implements to go with this.

> Solid range of implements...