The allrounder.
For every job.

We raise responsibility (to a new level) – The SOLID.

Concise. Down-to-earth. Great design. That’s our SOLID. This lifting arm combines dynamic design with the best functionality, of course made in Germany. Count on the best as always. Count on STOLL.

A wealth of possible uses – this is what the new Solid offers you in eight different models: Suitable for your tractor between 45 and 135 hp, the front loaders are easy to operate and reliable. As always, STOLL has the right implements for your needs!

Because the front loaders from the Solid range are particularly light in comparison, they perform best, for example, in hilly terrain. And: They are suitable for numerous used tractors – because STOLL is in tune with its customers from all generations. Many family-run farms and farmers working as sideline enterprises are thrilled when there are new front loader solutions for their tried and tested tractor technology!

Your advantage with Solid: A real STOLL at an ideal price-performance ratio. Driven by the wishes of our customers, the engineers at STOLL have created a product that is both functional and flexible. A visual and functional highlight for your tractor.


The allrounder.

The SOLID is a real hit with second-hand tractors. A light weight with strong performance characteristics and virtually infinite possible uses. A chic design with a top price-performance ratio.

High performer.
Curved wonder.

Best performance in terms of lifting power and height. Top values in stability and loading speed. Comfortable to operate: the Solid was specifically developed to fulfil all the needs of professionals.

We love all the doers out there. Including those who live out their dreams and passion every day with the help of our products. Semi-professionals, part-time and hobby farmers find SOLID to be the ideal partner when it comes to lifting, grabbing or loading.

And of course Made in Germany. Our SOLID helps tractors between 45 and 135 hp release their full power. Because we know what you do, we give our best.


Job done.

The STOLL front loader can be attached and detached in just a few simple steps. This is facilitated by the tool-free supporting devices and the hydraulic connection that can be coupled under pressure.

A marvel of generations Drive-in system.

For more than three decades, customers have been able to attach STOLL front loaders to their tractors with ease. Thanks to the drive-in function. The STOLL drive-in system has constantly been further developed for you and functionally optimised. The good news: Despite all the improvements, one thing has remained consistently the same for 30 years: the drive-in principle. Because we believe it works to your advantage. That’s how your new front loader fits perfectly with our proven console. This system is now part of the basic equipment of all front loaders.

Reliable and used over 250.000 times! And by the way, it was invented by STOLL. The original from STOLL. Loyal to all generations.

Ready to use in under two minutes:


When driving in, the front loader slides along the attachment component until the locking pin meets the upper end of the connection support.


With the Hydro-Fix all hydraulic lines can be connected to the tractor at the same time. The front loader is lifted slightly to hold the locking pin in position in the catch hook of the connection support.


The locking lever is pressed downwards and the front loader securely held in position on the attachment component. Then the front loader is raised higher.


The supporting devices can be folded in and out without tools.

Gentle in the saddle
with Comfort-Drive.

Smooth driving even on bumpy terrain – thanks to the Comfort-Drive damping system

  • Whether on roads or fields: Comfort Drive can be used wherever the ground is uneven. Our Comfort Drive is particularly helpful in eliminating impacts with very low bumpy ground conditions and fast journeys on roads.
  • This accessory feature reduces the impact of the loader and implement –protecting the vehicle. The driver’s back is also very grateful.
  • Good to know: The hydraulic accumulator is installed between the lifting arms and the lift cylinder, so it is completely protected.
  • Conclusion: Comfort Drive is a high-level solution from STOLL.

How does Comfort-Drive work?

A nitrogen storage unit is built in under the front loader lifting arm. This is filled both with oil and nitrogen. This cushions any vibrations that arise when the tractor is in motion, as the oil spreads out and pushes back the nitrogen. The advantage: Comfort Drive is particularly stable and effective for everyday use.

1 Nitrogen bubble
2 Stopcock
3 Lifting arm bar
4 Drive-in column

The Comfort-Drive is protected between the drive-in column and the lifting arm bar. It can be switched on and off with the stopcock.

This accessory feature reduces the impact of the loader and implement – protecting the vehicle. The driver’s back is also very grateful.

just a quick

pit stop.

The implement
under control.


Drive in and hook the implement in.


Tilt the implement – the locking mechanism automatically slots into place.


Plugging in the hydraulic connection.

Tilt and
dump angles

STOLL’s tilt and dump angles put them in a different league. In models of this size, the Solid with a tilt angle of up to 46 degrees and a maximum dump angle of 63 degrees is in a class of its own.

Tilt angle

Nothing falls out: Thanks to the excellent tilt angle, there are no trickle losses when loading.

Dump angle

Then the bucket is completely empty – the dump angles for the implement provide efficient results.

Third pilot circuit

Using hydraulic implements effectively – thanks to the third pilot circuit, there is no need for an additional control unit.

All implements with the Euro-mount fit with the Euro quick release frame.

The Skid Steer quick release frame provides a clear view of the implement – ideal when working with the bale spike or pallet fork.


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