Smart powerhouse.
The compact class.

Added value. For small tractors.

Tight spaces, small areas and narrow streets. This is where Compact tractors are at their best. Because it’s all about endurance and manoeuvrability while working at full capacity.

Are you part of the smart group of Compact users? Are you a competent representative of the local council, a dedicated service provider? Are you running a small farm or a dynamic horse farm with all the due diligence, or are you a valuable fruit or wine grower? Then you are well aware that: Perfection in these areas can only be achieved by combining Compact tractors with the right front loaders. Best of all, one of outstanding quality: The STOLL CompactLine!

We combine our technical competence with our customers’ most important requirements: Easy to operate. The STOLL CompactLine offers a wide variety of models. From the smallest lifting arms for tractors between 15 and 25 hp, up to the larger FC 550 P for tractors of around 60 hp. Compact at full speed ahead.

Know-how means

knowledge plus

We have been applying this know-how of over 50 years in developing front loaders into our products. You benefit from our accumulated knowledge.

comes from

Anyone who chooses a STOLL is in no doubt that: This is where all of our technological expertise comes into play.

High operational reliability, outstanding quality, excellent visibility thanks to well thought-out designs, combined with smart technology – that’s what you get with the CompactLine.

  • High loading capacity thanks to the double-acting lift cylinder
  • Maximum comfort for the driver with the visual display for the angle of the implement 
  • Faster and easier installation and removal with the swivel system 
  • Maximum stability: The cross tube is inserted through the boom and welded on both sides 
  • The supporting devices are easy to use, no tools required 
  • Double-sided implement locking mechanism on Skid Steer quick release frame 
  • Can adapt to all jobs – thanks to the special range of implements for this series 
  • Can also be equipped with practical accessories – such as the third pilot circuit, Comfort Drive or the anti-lowering guard


and comfortable.

swivel system

We promise to offer maximum comfort and intuitive handling. Also in the booming compact class. Quality and service life promised features that are crucial to you.

Then one thing is for sure: whatever you do, you do it professionally. That is why we have integrated the functions and features you need in the STOLL CompactLine. Now you can focus on the job in hand without worrying. While we focus all our efforts on you.

The loader and tractor are securely connected together with the special swivel system.

The front loader can be dismounted and stored on the ground just in a few simple steps. Using the control unit, the mounting column is pivoted out of the attachment component, the support devices are lowered and the hydraulics are disconnected.

3rd pilot circuit (here as a plug-in coupling)
Making light use of hydraulic implements such as a shovel excavator, top-loading grip, bucket with grapple, grip fork or logging tongs.

Anti-lowering guard
Prevents the front loader from suddenly lowering and complies with the requirements of EN 12525/A1.

quick &


with extra class.

Smooth driving even on bumpy terrain – thanks to the Comfort Drive damping system

  • Whether on roads or fields: Wherever the ground is uneven, Comfort Drive smoothly absorbs the bumps. 
  • This accessory feature reduces the impact of the loader and implement – protecting the vehicle. The driver’s back is also very grateful. 
  • Good to know: Because the hydraulic accumulator used here is installed below the lifting arms, the external parts do not cause any obstructions.
    A free view for you. 
  • Conclusion: Comfort Drive is a high-level solution from STOLL.

How does Comfort Drive work?

A nitrogen storage unit is installed under the cross tube. This is filled both with oil and nitrogen. This cushions any vibrations that arise when the tractor is in motion, as the nitrogen spreads out and pushes back the oil. The advantage: Comfort Drive is particularly stable and effective for everyday use.

This makes attaching implements a quick job

1Drive in and hook into the front loader

2Tilt the implement.

3Implement locking mechanism for double-sided use

Skid Steer quick release frame

Skid Steer quick release frame on all front loaders in the CompactLine series makes changing implements quick and easy.


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