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Solid 40-22P

From April our Solid gets offspring and what for one!

Then the biggest solid there is goes into production: our Solid 40-22P.
With the market entry of this model series began another success story from our company. Now, to expand this market and also to give you more flexibility at the customer, there is good news:
The Solid 40-22P is suitable for tractors from 80-135 hp and is therefore the perfect extension to to the previous models.

One swing arm - two goals:
Make farmers' work easier and increase yields!

This smart front loader, from STOLL, has even more plus points to offer:

  • more lifting power
  • with the lifting height it goes high up to over 4 meters!
  • greater overload width

Look forward to a new quality product from STOLL.

Need technical data? With pleasure.

Obsessed with technology?
Here’s an overview of all the data!

The values given are averages. Depending on the type of tractor, these values may deviate up or down.
*Due to the risk of the tractor tipping, front loader work may only be carried out when there is a suitable weight positioned at the rear.

Calculated at 195 bar hydraulic pressure!